Educating Fathers For Empowering Children Tomorrow (Fatherhood EFFECT)


Fatherhood EFFECT is a parenting education course that uses the 24/7 Dad curriculum, which teaches the characteristics of a good father, like masculinity, discipline and work-family balance. Find out how to:

  • Resolve conflict and improve communication in your family
  • Improve your children’s behavior problems
  • Deal with complicated emotions
  • Overcome issues of aggression, alcohol and violence



Families that have children under the age of 17, have no open or substantiated DFPS case, and live in Cameron County.

Cities Served

Counties Served

  • Cameron

Now having finished the program, I took the time to really see what I do on a daily basis and started to appreciate myself and have a higher self-image. This appreciation of myself really boosted my confidence to change my impulsiveness, patience, and communication with my family as well as with others.

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